Read our customer faqs and find answers to our most common questions.

Read our customer faqs and find answers to our most common questions.

How long to start charcoal with a Looft Lighter?
With the Looft Lighter you start a fire in 60 seconds. You can then leave the charcoal to get ready on its own (takes approximately 20 minutes) or you can continue using the Looft Lighter and fast-forward the process, which makes the fire ready in 3-5 minutes depending on the quality of the charcoal.

Can I use my Looft Lighter indoors?
Yes you can! A Looft Lighter is designed for both outdoor and indoor use. It is optimal for lighting your fireplace, wood burner or iron stove. Tip: The Looft Lighter I is perfect to ”pre heat” the chimney for say 30 seconds before lighting the wood.

How much electricity does a Looft Lighter consume?
The Looft Lighter I consumes 1800 W (EU) and 1500 W (U.S) per hour. But since the Looft Lighter I isn’t used more than a few minutes each time the cost is low. Approximately 0,003€/minute ($0,004/minute).

Which charcoal should I use?
We highly recommended to use high quality charcoal. This will result in faster lighting, less sparks and a more steady cooking temperature. If you use briquettes the lighting time will be a bit longer. Briquettes are made from charcoal powder compressed with corn starch which will also result in more smoke.

Should I use lighter fluid with a Looft Lighter?
NO, you do not need and should never use lighter fluid, lighter cubes, pre-drenched charcoal or any other chemicals to light a barbecue or hearth fire. The chemicals contribute to CO2 emissions, they are dangerous and could add a bad taste to the food. The Looft Lighter is a green and eco-friendly product!

Will a Looft Lighter work with any kind of grill or barbecue?
A Looft Lighter works perfectly with any kind of grill or barbecue. Whether you decide to use your weber kettle, barrel smoker or kamado style barbecue, the Looft Lighter will perform equally well.

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